President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko warns that it is too early to calm down about the Ukrainian independence and sovereignty.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, opening the All-Ukrainian Forum of Intelligentsia in Kyiv today, the President pointed out that very often the territorial integrity and political independence of Ukraine is taken for granted in discussions and political polemics.

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“I would not say so”, the President noted, adding that the country, which did not have its own state for 800 years, which language and culture was banned for 300 years, which history, geography, and the like, were re-written, must not calm down. To confirm his words, Victor Yushchenko listed the example of the world’s attitude to Ukraine’s bid to join the NATO Membership Action Plan.

“Please, tell me, did the world discuss the topic this much when Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech, were joining the same plan? Did we hear at least when it happened? Almost no. It was a logical and tolerant process”, the President stressed.

He turned attention to the fact that the tussle in the world appeared even not over the Ukraine’s bid to become a NATO member, but over its desire just to join MAP, which stipulates a long way, after which the country will make a final decision.

“Look at the political map of the world, look what is taking place, the discussion. This happens for a particular reason. You know, if the world pays such a big attention to the Ukraine’s bid, it means, serious developments take place here”, the President noted.