One of key witnesses on case of Yushchenko’s poisoning has died

14:37, 27 March 2008
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Before the very eyes of doctors

Volodymyr Shulga, one of the founders of Foxtrot company and one of the key witnesses on the case of Yushchenko’s poisoning, has died this morning in Shevchenkovskiy district police station in Kyiv.

According to “Segodnya” newspaper, V.Shulga was arrested in the evening of March 26. He refused to bear witness without his lawyer, called him and was waiting for his arrival in the corridor. At that time he felt sick. Policemen called ambulance, but V.Shulga died before the very eyes of doctors. According to preliminary data, he died from a heart attack.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on the day when Victor Yushchenko was poisoned, on September 5, 2004, he was having a dinner in the cottage of then-time SBU deputy chief Volodymyr Satsiuk, with Foxtrot co-owner Oleh Holovin. Namely V.Shulga was the organizer of their meeting. Namely he disclosed to the investigation that the dishes for the dinner were ordered in Kyiv. In December of 2006 Victor Yushchenko claimed that he was poisoned with dioxin namely during that dinner in 2004.

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