President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko believes that the current economic tendencies indicate that a wave of populism may throw Ukraine back to the year 1993.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the President claimed this, speaking at the All-Ukrainian Forum of Intelligentsia in Kyiv today.

The President stressed that, to develop the humanitarian sphere, it is extremely important to provide the economic stability and economic development. At the same time, he warned against social populism: “Let us avoid being covered with a wave of social populism and thrown back to the year ‘93. After this [year], we, for years, with curses, through colossal efforts, including that of the anti-inflation, budget, and economic character, were getting out of that trouble”.

Victor Yushchenko stressed he understands that we have a short historian memory, because a human being often thinks irrationally. “We have forgotten how 10 years ago we were standing in queues to receive tickets for 1.5 kg of sugar”, the President said.

He stressed that today many messages “breathe with conditions that may endanger our development and our economic stability”.

The President called on to find a balance of social priorities that would not threaten the economic stability of the country.