Over 150 troops will be sent to a military center in Yavoriv, near the Polish border. Among the Canadian military trainers will be explosives specialists, medical trainers, military police trainers, logistical specialists, and flight safety instructors, Ukraine Today reports.

The exact locations of the training sites have not been disclosed but are said to be “well-separated from recent conflicts.”

Some 150 Canadian troops are to be stationed in a military training center in Yavoriv near the Polish border, joining another 800 U.S. troops and 75 British soldiers already deployed to Ukraine to train Ukrainian military personnel, including providing tips on tactical intel and first aid.

The program announced during Harper’s speech at the Department of National Defense in Ottawa is seen as another generous act by Canada’s government, as at least $578 million in aid, which includes loans and non-lethal military assistance, have already been provided to Ukraine by Canada.

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