The Cassation Administrative Court of the Supreme Court of Ukraine overruled the decisions handed down by courts of previous instances which claimed that the ex-head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Roman Nasirov, performed merely a "ceremonial function" when signing illegal tax installments on UAH 2 billion payments in favor of now-fugitive MP Oleksandr Onyshchenko.

The hearing lasted for over eight hours, the Anti-corruption Action Center reports, adding that in its course, all Nasirov's motions were dismissed: the ex-SFS head sought to remove the National Anti-corruptiion Bureau and the Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office from the case and asked to transfer the case to another chamber of the Supreme Court. After the motions were overruled, he sought to challenge the judges a second time, abusing his procedural rights. However, the judges pursued with the hearing, without violating the procedure, examined the case, and "put an end to it," AntAC reports.

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The ruling is final and not subject to appeal.

"The two-year story of 'ceremonial functions' has finally ended. Now Nasirov is awaiting a full-scale trial in at the anti-corruption court," said AntAC lawyer Andriy Savin.

As reported earlier, former head of the State Fiscal Service, Roman Nasirov, is accused of taking a series of decisions that allowed MP Onyshchenko's gas extracting companies to evade tax payments, which inflicted UAH 2 billion losses to the state budget.

In 2017, Nasirov filed a lawsuit with the District Administrative Court of Kyiv claiming that easing the tax burden for Onyschshenko's companies was local inspectorates' responsibility.