According to the survey, a total of 46.7% of respondents support there being a visa regime with Russia.

At the same time, 40.6% of respondents do not support this idea, while 12.7% of respondents didn’t give an answer.

In addition, according to the results of the survey, a total of 43.3% of respondents support Ukraine's withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Independent States, 33.8% of respondents do not support this, and 22.9% didn’t answer.

At the same time, the survey shows a growing number of Ukrainians who support the country's entry to NATO. In particular, while in August 2011 a total of 17.9% said they would vote for Ukraine's accession to NATO in the case of a referendum and 59.6% were against it, in April 2014 a total of 36.7% of respondents would have voted for this idea and 41.6 % would have been against it. In March 2015 the numbers were 43.3% and 31.6% respectively.

In particular, the respondents were asked to express their attitude to the list of countries and organizations. According to the results, the majority of Ukrainian citizens expressed a positive attitude towards the European Union (58.7%) and the United States. (53.5%). Ukrainians had more positive attitude to NATO than negative (44.7% and 39.2% respectively), as well as the International Monetary Fund (44.8% and 34.9% respectively). The majority of respondents expressed a negative attitude to Russia (67.3%) and the Customs Union (60.8%).

It is noted that the attitude towards Russia and the Customs Union is predominantly negative in all regions of Ukraine.

According to the survey, compared with April 2014, the share of respondents who had a negative attitude to the Russian president rose from 70.8% to 75.5%, to the Russian government - from 67.6% to 71.6%, and to the Russian State Duma - from 66.6% to 70.1%. The proportion of those who have a negative attitude to the citizens of Russia has grown over the same period, from 16.6% to 25.9%.

The proportion of those who have a neutral attitude to Russian has risen from 32.5% to 37.1% and the proportion of citizens of Ukraine who have a positive attitude to the citizens of Russia has significantly decreased from 44.9% to 28.9%.

The poll was conducted by the Razumkov sociological center from March 6 to March 12, 2015. A total of 2,009 people aged from 18 were questioned, except in Crimea, and in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The poll’s margin of error, excluding design effects, is no more than 2.3% with a probability of 0.95.