Tymoshenko: Ukraine won`t stand aside from geopolitical processes any more

09:36, 02 April 2008
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"I can tell that there is too much political hysteria around Ukraine..."

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, answering the journalists’ questions at press conference concerning issues discussed in the course of negotiations with President of the USA George Bush, stated that the matter concerned Ukraine`s joining the MAP, according to the government’s press-office.

“With U.S. President George Bush we also talked about Ukraine’s joining the MAP – this is one of the important aspects of negotiations today. I can tell that there is too much absolutely unbiased political fuss, political hysteria around Ukraine’s eventual joining to the MAP. And I want to tell all those who produce this hysteria: Ukraine’s joining the MAP does not mean Ukraine’s joining to NATO, this is a kind of the enhanced cooperation. And when they speak about Ukraine, then one should see first, what an efficient, all-round and rather deepened cooperation Russia has with NATO today. And if Ukraine will isolate itself from such cooperation, it remains to stand aside from geopolitical processes.

So we talked today about what should be done that Ukraine had a chance to implement the MAP. We hope for positive decision in Bucharest. But I stress once again, in order that Ukraine adopts a decision on joining NATO, a national referendum is needed. Only in that case politicians will act in full-fledged harmony with the society, in harmony with understanding and feeling of the Ukrainian citizens. That’s why, all those who set up a clamour on this subject does not understand completely the current processes.

Ukraine won’t stand aside from geopolitical processes any more, Ukraine won’t build its policy as a satellite of separate states. I am confident that only through public discussion on Ukraine’s participation in the collective systems of security, honestly and frankly speaking about negative and positive sides of such cooperation, we as Ukrainian citizens can adequately understand how we are advancing and what joining the NATO Membership Action Plan means for Ukraine.

I really hope that progress on cooperation of Ukraine with NATO will be achieved in Bucharest.

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