A poll by Ukraine's Rating agency shows 56% of Ukrainians seeing the largest threat to their country coming from mass outflow of Ukrainians.

The research, held Oct 19-22 says about 45% of respondents consider the economic decline and impoverishment of the population the key threats.

30% to 40% of the population consider main threats the deterioration of the nation's general health, environmental disasters, a full-scale war with Russia, higher crime rate, degradation and extinction of the population.

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From 20% to 30% are wary of the general collapse of the state, hryvnia devaluation, anarchy, and mass riots.

From 13% to 17% of respondents consider the establishment of a dictatorship, famine, Ukraine’s international isolation and terrorism as the main threats the country is facing.

Over the past three months, the relevance of such threats as the deterioration of the nation's health, environmental disasters, and the war with Russia has significantly increased.

At the same time, hryvnia devaluation and inflation are seen as lower-grade threats today.

The poll was conducted through face-to-face questioning among 2,500 respondents. Error margin does not exceed 2%.