The Ukrainian minister of culture has described the project as a “Museum of Totalitarianism.” Some of the display pieces are to be donated from a current exposition at the history museum, Ukraine Today reports. 

The staff at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine showed off some of the most typical Soviet-era relics which it is considering donating to the new museum.

Flags, awards and trophies, World War Two medals and other artifacts are among the expected donations.

According to researchers, life and the events that were unfolding during that period of history need to be shown and told about in order for the next generation to learn from the country's past.

Some items were signature tools of Soviet propaganda that kept Ukraine firmly within Moscow’s grasp.

Tetyana Sosnovska, general director of the history museum said the project may help future generations analyze and draw conclusions, and help them transition into modern Ukraine, understanding that “any concentration of power can lead to something similar and delete one hundred years or more of a country's history.”

Meanwhile, despite the project being criticized by some for its own supposedly propagandistic nature, the new museum is sure to become popular.

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