Photo from RIA Novosti

According to the militant organization’s document on introducing martial law, the measure is aimed at creating conditions to prevent or repel "aggression" against the Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR), Hromadske Radio said.

"Aggression against the LNR is recognized as the use of armed force by a foreign state (group of states) against the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of the People's Republic of Luhansk or in any other manner inconsistent with the UN Charter," the document reads.

The document also reads that "during the period of martial law limitations may be imposed, to the extent necessary, to ensure national defense and state security, on the rights and freedoms of citizens, on the activities of enterprises, institutions, organizations, and on the rights of their officials. Additional duties may be assigned with regard to enterprises, institutions, organizations, their officials and citizens."

Видео дня

The militants said period of martial law begins from the date and time stipulated by the decree of the leader of the LNR militant organization. The document said martial law came into effect on May 5.