President Victor Yushchenko gave an interview today for Romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei.

According to the President`s press-office, the subject for the interview was possibility of Ukraine gaining NATO MAP.

Speaking about the country’s chances President Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine fully complies with criteria necessary for it to be given the membership candidate status.

“Political stability and democratic development of the society are the a priori conditions. But Ukraine not only does comply with these requirements and criteria, but, could I say, surpasses the schedule”, - said President Yushchenko in response to a question about the reforms, which MAP requires. He also stressed that wide range of internal reforms provided by MAP is essential for Ukraine as implementing it stimulates adoption of modern European standards in multiple fields.

“Of no less importance is achieving sustainable economic development in the state. It indeed guarantees Ukraine’s adequate contribution within the framework of cooperation with NATO and the EU. That is why we are positive to work on reaching all the provided criteria”, - said Victor Yushchenko.

Speaking about possible consequences of deepening cooperation between Ukraine and NATO the President expressed assurance that it would be beneficial for both sides. “In its essence a process of Ukraine’s integration into NATO will become the process of shaping a new security formula for Europe. On the other hand, for Ukraine it will become the final stage of liberating ourselves from negative experience of past European failures” – he said.

The interview with President Yushchenko of Ukraine will be published today at Evenimentul Zilei’s website ( The printed version shall be available tomorrow.