Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian Health Minister Zoriana Skaletska says she is confident that it is possible to develop an organ transplantology system in Ukraine from 2020.

"For many years we would send Ukrainians abroad ... We must do our utmost to minimize the number of patients we send abroad for treatment. And one of our tasks is to do everything required to develop a transplantology system in Ukraine, at the very least," she told a briefing on November 26.

According to the minister, it is required to make all accompanying procedures as transparent as possible "so that everyone is aware how and when they may get a referral to be treated abroad." "The same applies to transplantology," Skaletska said.

"This is a long-term task," she added.

The minister says it is necessary to pass 54 bylaws and purchase equipment, which is currently not available in hospitals where organs are to be transplanted. There is also a need to create a coordination center that will deal with hospitals that have potential donors and can transplant organs, having access to a database of patients in need of an organ transplant.

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"An equally important issue is the operation of a single state information system for organ donation. This is already at the final stage [of development], namely finalization [of the project] with developers, transition to testing so that we will have the opportunity to distribute it in full and start it up next year. The system will be used to collect all data and as a focal point that will use the data," the minister said.

"Having provided support from the state institutionally, we can even get good results related to organ transplantation as early as next year ... In the coming year we have a great chance of not sending certain patients abroad for treatment ... I'm convinced that next year all our plans have a chance of being implemented. All necessary steps will be done on our part. Many doctors and hospitals confirm their readiness for the time being," she added.