Photo from UNIAN

An investigator of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), SBU Security Service operatives and Alfa SWAT team have raided the apartment of a Ukrainian activist Olena Bilenka aka "Marusia Zvirobiy".

The activist, who is also an avid and popular vlogger, was broadcasting the investigative actions on Facebook live until the detective told her to cease streaming.

The search has been duly warranted, it appears from the papers provided by law enforcers.

Видео дня

As UNIAN reported earlier, in late October, Ukrainian MP from the European Solidarity Party Sofia Fedyna, along with activist and vlogger known as Marusia Zvirobiy, recorded a video in response to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's heated exchange with war veterans in the town of Zolote on October 26 ahead of the disengagement face in the area. In the video, the women suggested the president's visit to the area could pose risks to his life.

Fedyna and Zvirobiy condemned the president's stance on disengagement, accusing him of trying to appease and surrender to the aggressor. They went on to suggest what could happen to the president while he's on the frontline. "A grenade may accidentally set off there, or there may be some shelling... It would be even greater if this all happened during the shelling by Moscow forces, when some blue or white collar sneaks to the front line," Fedyna said.

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The SBI launched an investigation into a possible "life threat" to the president.

On November 26, SBI investigators forwarded to the prosecutor's office draft suspicion notices targeting the two women, as well as a motion to Parliament to lift Fedyna's immunity from criminal prosecution.