Two Ukrainian peacemakers were injured in a landmine explosion near Ed-Divania city of Iraq at 6.00 a.m. today.

      According to the press-service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the landmine detonated under a “Toyota Land Cruiser” car, in which there were lieutenant colonel Serhiy Kolobylin, deputy chief of the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team, and major Serhiy Tyshchenko, officer of the Logistic Transport Department.

      As a result of the explosion, S.Kolobylin and S.Tyshchenko got numerous splinter injuries. S.Kolobylin was taken by a helicopter to “Medevac” emergency subdivision of the Baghdad hospital, where he underwent an urgent surgery.

      S.Tyshchenko was hospitalized to the medical station of “Echo” basic camp of “Center-South” multi-national division.

      The injuries of the Ukrainian officers are not life-threatening.