Zalmayev earlier took part in a three-day conference in Kyiv entitled “Ukraine's New Politics and Civil Society,” which was attended by hundreds of civil rights activists from across Ukraine and other countries, with many of the panels dedicated to the issue of Russian propaganda, Ukraine Today reports. 

According to Zalmayev, the Moscow propaganda machine, a crucial part of hybrid warfare, targets not only Ukraine but also the whole system of democratic values of the West.

The expert believes Ukrainians have found some unique solutions in their attempts to counter the information enemy, and sees that many efforts by international community, including those by diaspora organizations have also proved effective. However, he said better coordination among the organizations involved is necessary.

Zalmayev said that the EU and the United States have both understood that Russian-language broadcasts need to be funded to provide the Russian speaking audience in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova with a point of view alternative to that imposed on them by Russian propaganda TV. 

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