"On May 22, an armed attack on the employees of the Embassy of Ukraine was carried out not far from Tripoli in Libya. The ambassador, consul, and another member of the diplomatic mission were the victims of the attack," Vashchenko stated.

According to her, the attackers stole the diplomats’ car, money, documents and personal items.

According to Vashchenko, the diplomats are safe now in Tripoli and replacing the stolen documents.

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The Foreign Ministry said the Ukrainian diplomats were robbed while on their way from Tripoli to Tunisia (where the Ukrainian Embassy is located now, ​​after its evacuation from Libya in connection with the fighting in the country).

The diplomats arrived in Libya on May 18 to provide consular assistance to detained Ukrainians: a group of four people held at a former air base since August 2011, as well as two members of the crew of the ship Sun Oil-1 that were detained in January 2015. In addition, Foreign Ministry officials have provided consular assistance to Ukrainian doctors in Libya.

In connection with the incident, the Libyan ambassador was called in by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, who gave written confirmation that the Libyan authorities would immediately investigate the events and bring those responsible to justice.