President Victor Yushchenko took part in 5th assembly of the World Movement for Democracy, according to the President`s press-office.

      In his address President Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO and the EU is strategic and country’s membership in these structures is a doubtless Ukrainian perspective.

      “Today we must get international guarantee of our sovereignty for the first time in our history”, - said Victor Yushchenko adding that collective defense provides the best response to such a challenge.

      He also expressed assurance that Ukrainian side will be able to achieve provisions on association status in a new advanced agreement with the EU, expected to be signed in autumn. “The suggestion on that has been formulated and sent to European Commission office and to the EU member states. I think that we will conquer this path in nearest months and will achieve the prospect of our European membership as we achieved it in North Atlantic Treaty Organization”, - he said.

      Speaking about development of democracy in Ukraine President Yushchenko said: “We would like to see our country democratic, where fundamental freedom exists – the freedom of political choice”.

      He also dwelled on main directions of economic reforms. Here President said that despite economic development deceleration in the nineties Ukraine has reached 7 to 8 percent yearly GDP growth in last three years; investment flow to Ukraine and gold reserves have increased; unemployment has decreased, with all these factors making Ukrainian economy more independent and stable.