Vladimir Pashkov, a Russian national, who until 2015 held a post of deputy governor in Russia's Irkutsk region, has become a so-called "prime minister" of the unrecognized "Donetsk People's Republic" in eastern Ukraine's warzone.

Meanwhile, there have been no reports on whereabouts of the former "prime minister", Ukrainian journalist Denys Kazansky wrote on Facebook.

"A little more about the 'civil war'," he wrote in his post, mocking the Kremlin's narrative about own non-involvement in the war in eastern Ukraine.

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"There was 'prime minister' Ananchenko in the DPR. And now he's gone without much hustle. They just write without any explanation that the acting prime minister is Vladimir Pashkov. Lol, well, right, why should they explain anything to ordinary people in the 'people's republic', right? Everyone understands anyway that there is really no 'prime minister', only a tarred and stuffed scarecrow. Today there's one name, tomorrow there'll be another. And it does not matter what name it is," the journalist wrote.

"So now the real occupation government is already openly working in Donetsk," Kazansky wrote.