Since April 1, Ukrainian lawmakers have got another reason to complain about their fate, KP in Ukraine daily reads. The prices have soared in the parliamentary canteen. According to waiters, serving national deputies, on the whole, price of lunches has soared by 20%. They blame the inflation in the country for the growth of prices.

“I have not noticed anything, - MP Nestor Shufrych (Part of Regions) told KP. – “I have not had much time for cafeterias, you’ve seen the recent developments in the Verkhovna Rada! The inflation has hit my pocket as well. Regardless of the incomes, everybody feels the jump of prices”, he said.

However, one should admit that the parliamentary canteen remains peace and quiet. One may have a cup of coffee just for 2.25 hryvnias [~$0.44], a crabmeat sticks salad for 3 hryvnias [~$0.59], a sausage – for 1 hryvnias for a portion [~$0.19]. The most expensive dishes are jellied sturgeon (22.22 hryvnias ~ $4.4) and turkey chops with mushrooms for 7 hryvnias [~$1.38] for 100 grams.

The cheapness attracts journalists, accredited at the parliament. Their culinary preferences somehow differ from that of lawmakers. As a rule, journalists prefer sandwiches with salmon or caviar (for 5 and 7 hryvnias respectively [~$0.99 and $1.38]).


Fruit salad – 6.77 hryvnias [~$1.34]

“Health” salad – 2.46 hryvnias [~$0.48]

Beetroot salad – 1.77 hryvnias [~$0.35]

Salad of sauerkraut with cranberries – 2.76 hryvnias [~$0.54]

Stewed cabbage with mushrooms – 6.25 hryvnias [~$1.23]

Roasted potato – 3.70 hryvnias [~$0.73]

Omelet with sausage – 5.68 hryvnias [~$1.12]

Filleted fish with onion – 9.81 hryvnias [~$1.94]

Cutlets – 8.10 hryvnias [~$1.6]

Chicken pilau – 7.70 hryvnias [~$1.52]

‘Royal” pancakes with mushrooms – 8.07 hryvnias [~$1.59]