Ukraine's new Otaman 6×6 infantry fighting vehicle has completed one of the initial trial stages in offroad tests.

Otaman 6×6 boasts of the enhanced armor, NATO-standard mine protection system, a large reserve of load capacity (to install additional composite armor and heavy equipment, such as a combat module), modularity, maximum mobility, and high degree of digitization, according to Defense Express.

The new vehicle provides high-level anti-mine (STANAG 4569) and ballistic protection (STANAG lvl 2 to STANAG lvl 4 with new armor modules) due to its monocoque steel hull. The hull is also fully protected from biological and chemical threats.  The 453mm ground clearance protects the crew from mines.

The amphibious 23-tonne vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 110 kmh with a maximum cruising range of 800 km, carrying a crew of 10 including commander, driver, and eight soldiers.

The engine is placed at the front of the vehicle for the sake of better ergonomics and efficiency.