Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) says 175 Ukrainians are undergoing treatment from the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, abroad.

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Of the 175 Ukrainians being treated abroad, 121 are in Italy, 22 in Greece, five in Spain, four each in Germany and Poland, three in Austria, two in the United States, and one each Egypt in Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Thailand, Serbia, the Seychelles, the Russian Federation, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Netherlands, Nigeria, Malta, Belgium, and, according to the ministry's update on the coronavirus as of 18:00 Kyiv time on April 8.

Seventeen Ukrainians have already recovered from the coronavirus abroad. Five citizens of Ukraine died – four in Italy and one in France.

Some 14,325 people have applied to Ukrainian diplomatic facilities abroad for assistance under the Zakhyst (Protection) program (for citizens left stranded outside the country after the closure of the Ukrainian border late in March 2020).