Police have issued thousands of quarantine protocols / REUTERS

Ukraine's police have opened 56 criminal cases for the violation of lockdown rules and drawn up 6,042 protocols on related administrative offences.

On April 12 alone, the police received 1,113 complaints and reports related to the violation of quarantine-related measures, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry's press service said.

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Twenty-seven protocols on related administrative offences were drawn up on that day. What is more, 15 protocols on the violation of self-isolation rules by citizens were issued.

In addition, one criminal case was opened on the fact that the head doctor of Irshava's district hospital in Zakarpattia region had deliberately concealed information about a patient with the novel coronavirus. The patient subsequently died.

As many as 23,319 law enforcement officers are currently involved in maintaining the quarantine regime and public safety. In particular, these are 17,375 police officers (1,285 work as guards in hospitals with coronavirus patients and serve at mobile control posts), 3,556 members of the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU), 242 members of the State Emergency Service, 1,924 cadets of the Interior Ministry's higher education institutions, and 222 NGU cadets.

In Ukraine, the coronavirus-related quarantine was introduced in April 6, 2020, and is expected to last until April 24, 2020.