Director of the Chornobyl Tour operator Yaroslav Yemelianenko says a 10-day fire in the Chornobyl exclusion zone has destroyed about 30% of tourist sites there.

"More than 30% of tourist locations have been completely destroyed and cannot be restored as we showed old Soviet recreation camps on multi-day tours ... A lot of Polisia [area's] villages have been destroyed, too ..." he told the Ukrainian news outlet on April 14.

At the same time, main tourist locations have survived. In particular, the closed-down town of Chornobyl, the military town of Chornobyl-2, where the radar station is located, and the town of Prypiat.

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Chornobyl Tour management plans to address the regional administration to try to restore some of the facilities, possibly even with the help of modern technologies.

As UNIAN reported earlier, wildfires broke out on April 4 in the zone surrounding the site of a nuclear disaster at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant (NPP). Firefighters, who had been working to tackle wildfires for the past 10 days, extinguished them finally. Rain helped them a lot.