Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged Ukrainian citizens to comply with the quarantine and stay at home on Easter.

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"Yes, we stay home. And after the weekend, after the quarantine, let us be scared by the figures on the bathroom scales, not by the figures on the thermometer," according to the president's Easter address.

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Zelensky said "Easter is a holiday of unity. And today our entire country is united by one and only desire - to go out. I understand what it is, because I am in the office from morning till evening."

"Remember how parents didn't let us go outside when we were kids? And today is such a situation when we do not let our parents go outside. And this is not a revenge. This is our care. When we all stay home, it is truly a unity. Unity for the sake of doctors, for the sake of our nation's health, and therefore for its future," he said.

"Let us remember the wisdom of the Sermon on the Mount of Christ: do not show off your righteousness. The strongest faith is faith in our heart," the president added.