Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko emphasizes that RosUkrEnergo company will not work in Ukraine, and all the natural gas from Russia will be received by Naftohaz Ukrayiny NJSC.

According to the government’s web site, she said this in an interview with 1+1 television on Sunday, April 13.

“At insistence of the Russian authorities, at insistence of Gazprom, they want to keep RosUkrEnergo for some more time. But RosUkrEnergo will not enter Ukraine. It will give the gas to Naftohaz Ukrayiny at the Russian territory”, Yulia Tymoshenko stressed.

“The fact that Naftohaz Ukrayiny, being a state company, now returns in Ukraine, gives all grounds to state that the budget of Naftohaz OJSC will be balances, and that our gas-transport system will be protected. It means, Naftohaz will not be threatened with bankruptcy any more”, Yulia Tymoshenko pointed out.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on April 11, deputy President’s Chief of Staff Oleksander Shlapak claimed that RosUkrEnergo, in line with its contract with Naftohaz Ukrayiny NJSC, will keep on supplying gas to Ukraine this year. He noted that the contract was signed between Naftohaz Ukrayiny NJSC and RosUkrEnergo on supplying nearly 50 billion cu m of gas till the end of the year. He added that RosUkrEnergo has kept its position of intermediary.