The third, final, stage of the regular rotation of the Ukrainian component of UkrPolBat Ukrainian-Polish joint peacemaking battalion of KFOR "East" multi-national tactic group in Kosovo takes place on Aril 14.

According to the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Boeing-737 plane with 80 Ukrainian peacemakers onboard left for Kosovo from Boryspil airport of Kyiv at 7.00 a.m. on April 14.

On the same day, 97 Ukrainian peacemakers of the previous rotation return to Ukraine from Kosovo. They will be met in Boryspil airport by Ukrainian Defense Minister Yuri Yekhanurov, the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Headquarters and leadership of the Ukrainian Land Forces, relatives and friends of the Ukrainian peacemakers.

In the course of the first and second stages of the regular tenth rotation, which were carried out on April 2 and 4, 101 Ukrainian military men were conveyed to Kosovo, and 83 peacemakers of the previous rotation returned in Ukraine.

On the whole, within the frames of the regular rotation, 181 Ukrainian peacemakers will be conveyed to Kosovo, and 180 peacemakers will return in Ukraine.