Dnipropetrovsk scientists are going to publish a brochure with an analysis of mistakes, committed by authors of tests for the independent outer testing of school graduates.

Having analyzed the tasks, they found them imperfect and able to hamper any unbiased assessment of knowledge of Ukrainian 11-formers.

Dnipropetrovsk National University experts began to ananlyze the tests on demand of teachers and graduates. The biggest number of mistakes was discovered in tests on jurisprudence. Answers, indicated as “correct” are in fact incorrect for every tens question, according to faculty of law profesor Olessia Marchenko. Almost the same number of questions are incorrectly formulated. There are also cases, when all the answers to a question are correct or all incorrect. The second place by number of mistakes is occupied by tests on history and Ukrainian language. Namely these tests will be passed by the majority of school graduates. The least number of mistakes was found in tests on exact sciences.

In several days, the scientists will submit results of their analysis to the Ministry of Science and Education.