According to the Kyiv-born artist, she chose Vladimir Putin for the “Face of War” project as that is he who “gives out these orders and these lies”. “But with the help of this picture I would like to show that in any case everyone sees everything and to show not only to him, but to all of society as well that war means lives," said Marchenko, according to Ukraine Today.

'Face of War' is the first piece in a series of five works to be created with parts of bombs, grenades, grad shells and other weapons that have been used in the frontline. The upcoming works are titled 'Brain of War', 'Heart of War', 'Spirit of War', and there is another item that will be announced by the end of Marchenko's project.

Marchenko aims to reflect the energy of war with her unique masterpiece.

All the casings used for her work have been sourced from areas that were under the control of the Ukrainian forces.

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