"We have an expert examination of video, filmed by a separatist Yegor Russkiy during a fight near the city of Luhansk in the morning of June 17, 2014. As you can see, Nadia had already been captured by the fighters of the Luhansk People’s Republic militant organization. Her alibi started from that moment, confirming that she could not adjust fire on Russian journalists," Feygin said, according to the documents, published on his official website.

"Savchenko was captured at 10:30 Kyiv time. It is clear from the video of Russkiy. Voloshin and Kornelyuk were killed at 12:00 Kyiv time," he tweeted on Friday.

"Savchenko’s protection completed all its procedural work on the case and proved her innocence. But in any case she will be convicted and sentenced," Feygin said.