35.7% of respondents in 2015 cited joining NATO as the best security option for Ukraine. 28.8% said they supported the country’s non-aligned status. 22.9% of the respondents sould not make up their mind on the issue.

Besides, 7.8% back the military alliance with Russia, while 3.2% - with the United States. Other alliances are considered by another 1.6%.

It should be emphasized that for a long time, the majority of Ukrainians believed that neutral status is Ukraine’s security guarantee (42% in April 2012). A substantial part of the population saw the military alliance with Russia as the security solution (in 2012 - 26%).

It is reported that had a referendum on joining NATO been scheduled for this year, the idea would gain support of 64% of Ukrainians. In turn, 28.5% would vote against the move, and 7.5% would remain undecided.

Among the reasons to support NATO membership were called the security issue (the number of those who support the idea due to security worries has increased from 65% in 2012 to 82% in 2015) and the belief that NATO would strengthen the Ukrainian army.

Among the main reasons for voting "against" the move the respondents named the fear that joining the Alliance will draw Ukraine into the NATO overseas military operations (50% of the opponents) and that "NATO is an aggressive imperialist bloc" (36.6%).