Ukrainian scientists call on their Russian colleagues to stop the “anti-Ukrainian hysteria” in Russia.

According to the Open Policy Institute, the corresponding address was adopted by participants of the Conference of the Ukrainian High School Academy of Sciences, which unites 250 leading scientists, working in Ukrainian and foreign universities.

“Ukrainian scientists seek to develop contacts with their Russian colleagues. That is why we are deeply concerned that lately the Russian Federation leadership, higher officials, has allowed themselves preaching at Ukraine in a tone, which is intolerable in the practice of equal international relations, moreover, they have threatened with applying force in case if our state dares to undertake steps and make decisions, undesirable from the point of view of Kremlin”.

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Ukrainian scientists call on their Russian colleagues of realize that Ukraine’s decision to take part or not in this or that collective security system will not at all threaten the security and interests of Russia. At the same time, they stress that the “anti-Ukrainian hysteria, developed by Russian ruling elites, has already negatively influenced the atmosphere of friendship and trust between our nations. Scientific and innovation projects, necessary for both the countries, are being curtailed”.

The scientists call on their Russian colleagues to use their influence in the society to prevent the further escalation of unfriendly and insulting statements about Ukraine, which will inevitably result in worsening the relations between the two neighbor countries. On their part, Ukrainian scientists pledge to support and develop the whole range of the Ukrainian-Russian scientific collaboration.