In both cases – involving a citizen of Lithuania, who arrived  from Vilnius (Lithuania), and a citizen of Ukraine, checked on flight to Antalya (Turkey), the border guards have informed the Ukrainian bureau of Interpol.

Also, at the Kuchurhan-auto checkpoint (Ukraine-Moldova border), a citizen of Moldova was identified who was on the Interpol wanted list. After detention, the citizen was handed over to police officials while the Ukrainian bureau of Interpol was informed on the identification of a wanted person.

Read alsoYatsenyuk: Ukraine to drop CIS criminal search database on August 24As UNIAN reported ealier, from August 15, passport control at Ukrainian border checkpoints is carried out using both the Ukrainian operational databases and those of the Interpol, to enhance security component.

On Ukraine’s path to liberalization of EU visa regime majority of Ukrainian border checkpoints have also been equipped with automated biometric control system.