Photo from UNIAN

The press center of the Ukrainian Navy Command has told an UNIAN correspondent on Thursday that tactical groups of participating ships from Ukraine, the USA, Romania and Turkey conducted exercises on planning and conducting international naval operations under NATO standards.

The exercises included, among other drills, organizing various kinds of defenses at sea and a submarine search (a simulator). The marine artillery fire was performed on naval and air targets. The Ukrainian Navy minesweeper Genichesk ensured the deployment of forces while the tactical group consisting ot Skadovsk and Balaclava gunboats ensured fire support for amphibious assault landing on unequipped coast.

Read alsoEU praises skills of Ukraine marinesCadets of the Odesa Military Academy also took part in supporting the amphibious assault. They were deployed in high-speed boats on a reconnaissance mission to locate and destroy “illegal armed formations” and “ammunition depots.” Search operations were conducted together with the unit of the Armed Forces of Moldova. Ukrainian Navy marines performed an air drop, while the artillery unit shelled naval targets. National Guard of Ukraine performed defense mission near the bridge in the vicinity of one of the settlements.

Read alsoPoroshenko: U.S. military training of Ukrainian troops helps restore country's defensesAircraft contributed to conducting air defense exercises from ships, carried out conditional air strikes in support of ground forces; landing of paratroopers was also conducted during the exercises.

According to Oleksiy Neizhpapa, head of training mission, coherence in the actions of the various states’ departments and agencies was worked out during the drills. In his opinion, one of the main achievements of the active phase of the training is to improve the interoperability of units in the performance of tasks.

The active phase of the exercises will last until September 11.