President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko speaks for adopting a complex privatization program for three years.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this, speaking at the opening of “Bullying the Bears” IV annual international conference, organized by Concord Capital investment bank.

Victor Yushchenko noted that, as of today, all conflicts in the state appear over absence of a national privatization concept.

According to the President, the situational privatization of these or that complexes provokes many discussions, at level of local governments, as well as at the level of political parties.

“In other words, I understand: somebody here wants to play politics, somebody wants to speculate, others want to drag out this process, somebody sees it as an access to the budget cash”, Victor Yushchenko said, adding that the privatization process faces many challenges.

In the opinion of the President, to avoid it in future, it is necessary to find a consensus in parliament and adopt a national privatization concept for 3-4 years.

Victor Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine needs an in-depth privatization, with leaving in the state property only strategic objects. “All others must make business”, the President said.