Nationalist feelings are on the rise in Lviv and this was evidenced by giving a new name to the Turgenev street, the UPA Heroes street. According to ZIK, the street residents allegedly decided to contest the renaming in court, head of the Russian Bloc and the Russian Movement in Ukraine, Crimean parliament deputy Oleksandr Svistunov said, speaking in his Apr. 24 press conference in Lviv.

According to Svistunov, Lviv lawmakers should be aware that they represent a multi-ethnic community, not only Ukrainians. He says that only spiritually impoverished people can rename the Turgenev street for UPA Heroes street. The 90-thousand strong Russian community enjoys the same rights as its Ukrainian residents. The Russians made the biggest contribution to the city development. Why should their wishes be ignored?", he asks.

“I am convinced that the decision of Lviv lawmakers clearly reveals their country-pumpkin ways. They shouldn’t be offended when they are called country pumpkins,” Svistunov repeated.

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The Russian Bloc head also said that residents of the renamed street set up an organizing committee and started collecting signatures to retain the old name of the street. In addition, Russian organizations in Lviv handed in their petition to Mayor Sadovyj protesting the renaming of streets. They threatened to appeal the decision by Lviv lawmakers in a European court. However, Svistunov expressed hope that the conflict will be resolved without the European court.