At the today’s session with heads of local administrations and gas-supplying organizations, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko criticized the Kherson Oblast for the lowest showing of payments for gas – 49.5%.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the Prime Minister listed as an example the Odessa Oblast, which faces similar problems, but, nevertheless, its level of payments for consumed natural gas makes 106%.

“I want to ask you a simple question, - Yulia Tymoshenko said, addressing Kherson Oblast governor A.Bespalov. – “You know, Russia is not waiting for us, you know that every week we are reminded that Ukraine must pay off its debt. As of today, the debt accumulates in regions. And, if Odessa can work, I would also mention the Sumy Oblast, which can work by almost 100%, though it is not so rich and industrial Oblast as yours… Tell me, how much time do you need, being the worst Oblast compared to all others, to cover your debt, which makes almost 32 million hryvnias?”.

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Answering the question, A.Bespalov said: “If there is a government’s resolution, we will need, in fact, a month…”

In response, Yulia Tymoshenko asked him: “How is the Cabinet of Ministers connected with this issue? Did the Cabinet of Ministers issue special resolutions for the Odessa and Sumy Oblasts?” The Prime Minister stressed that all Oblasts are working under equal conditions, and asked to forget about financing from the state budget.

“The state budget paid off the three-year arrears on gas, it covered the three-year robbery of Naftohaz Ukrayiny NJSC”, the Prime Minister said.

A.Bespalov answered the Oblast will need 3 months to pay off its debt.

“Well, then you should write a letter to Gazprom and inform them that Russia will have to wait for the payment for 3 months”, Yulia Tymoshenko said. She gave two-three weeks to the governor to solve the problem of debt in the Oblast.