Prices on food and non-alcoholic production in Ukraine went up by 47.2% in April of 2008, compared to April of 2007. During January-April of 2008, compared to the same period of the last year, the prices went up by 37.5%.

According to the information of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, posted at the committee’s web-site, in particular, the foodstuffs prices soared by 49.2%: bread – by 34.7%, meat and meat production – by 47.3%, fish – by 16.3%, dairy products – by 40.4%, milk – by 40.7%, cheese and curds – by 38.9%, eggs – by 54%, butter and oils – by 82.6%.

The prices on fruits rose by 101.5% in April of 2008, compared to April of 2007. The vegetables prices soared by 89%.

Alcohol drinks and tobacco production prices soared by 13% over the mentioned-above period.

The prices of dwelling, electrical energy, gas, and other kinds of fuel, increased by 9.6% during this period.