Chinese businessmen, Dr. Joseph Jou, general representative of Green and Henry International Petroleum, and May Lin, director of Karpaty Resurs, a Chinese company registered in Lviv, have recently visited a remote village of Volya Blazhivska in the Carpathian mountains, according to ZIK.They were accompanied by head of Sambir rayon administration Ivan Bilak, the ZIK correspondent reports May 7.

The foreign businessmen learned that the area is rich in gas deposits. Some drills have been made by a local Ukrainian company, but the work stalled due to the lack of state funding. The drills have been plugged, and, as a result, local residents cannot use cheap natural gas.

The Chinese not only have plans to invest, they intend to provide state-of-the-art equipment and foreign experts to explore for gas. Local Ukrainian experts will also be employed, the foreigners say.

“We welcome foreign direct investment in the Ukrainian economy,” says Sambir rayon administration head Ivan Bilyk. “The new company will be registered in the village council. That means that the village budget will get the benefit of large tax payments by the Chinese company.”

According to ZIK, the bulk of modern gas exploration equipment has already been delivered by the Chinese to Ukraine.