Photo from UNIAN

A 53-year-old citizen of a neighboring state, together with a 31-year-old resident of Mykolaiv region, purchased a large amount of drugs originating from one of the eastern states.

The criminals were transporting drugs to a town in Mykolaiv region for storage. The eldest of the criminals - the organizer of illegal business - was looking for wholesale customers in large cities across Ukraine. The dealers stroke deals, met in secret and sold drugs.

heroin / Ministry of Internal Affairs

The court issued a search warrant of the residence of said individuals and their vehicles after studying the results of the investigation.

The criminals were detained outside one of the capital's shopping malls. An investigative team found nearly 1 kg of heroin in their vehicle.

Heroin / Ministry of Internal Affairs

At the same time, during a search of suspects' apartment in Mykolaiv region, police officers found another 1 kg of drugs, 255 g of substance similar to cocaine and a Schmeisser handgun.

The total cost of the identified drugs at prices of "black" market amounts to about $5 million.

All seized material evidence has been sent for expertise to the Research Forensic Centre at the Research Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv.