One new project aims to do this - by helping primary school children learn through literature. Servicemen have asked for books to help pupils learn more about their country and culture, Ukraine Today reports.

Oleksander Golovko, Mykolaivka resident: "I don't know who wants to become whoever, I want life to be normal."

His 15-year-old daughter Vika has very strong opinion on the matter.

Vika Golovko, student: "No I do care. I want to be Ukrainian. I am Ukrainian. And we are all Ukrainian. Our country is the best. I really love Ukraine. I was born Ukrainian and I will dies Ukrainian. I will never betray my country."

Even if public attitude is more nuanced in areas which were recently under the control of militants, analysts from European think tanks predict, that pro-Russian sentiment will only lose ground the longer the conflict in drags on.

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