As of the 25th of July, 11.3 mln tonnes of grain were milled in Ukraine. Spring grains and legumes are mowed down on 4.62 mln ha area (38% from the forecast), threshed on 4.36 mln ha area. The average yield is 2.59 tonnes per hectare, informed Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, according to APK-Inform.

Wheat is mowed down on 2.55 mln ha area, or 46% from the forecast, and threshed on 2.43 mln ha. Grain harvest totals 6.64 mln tonnes, average yield - 2.73 tonnes per hectare.

Barley is mowed down on 1.83 mln ha area (35%), threshed on 1.7 mln ha, milled on 4.14 mln ha. Yield is 2.43 tonnes per hectare.

Peas is harvested on 210.000 ha area (62%), threshed on 167.000 ha, milled on 362.000 ha, average yield totals 2.16 tonnes per hectare.

Rape is mowed down on 184.000 ha area (44%), threshed on 178.000 ha. This crop harvest totals 298.000 tonnes with the average yield at 1.68 tonnes per hectare.