Poland will build an extension of the Odesa-Brody oil pipeline on its territory after Ukraine scraps reverse pumping, Poland Ambassador to Ukraine Jacek Kluczkowski said, addressing journalists at an international forum on energy safety, according to ZIK.

According to Deutsche Welle, Poland won’t obstruct the extension of the Odesa-Brody to Plock. However, the Polish side is eager to be sure of oil supplies and awaits the signing of supply contracts, the ambassador noted.

“We have received serious pledges and appreciate the readiness of Azerbaijan officials to supply oil. Trade contracts must be signed, and we can start work then,” Jacek Kluczkowski stressed. Poland expects Ukraine to take concrete steps to cancel reverse pumping for Odesa-Brody. Polish officials say the technical evaluation report for the Odesa-Brody extension will be ready soon. Even without the proposed stretch, the ambassador says, the pipeline can start pumping oil northward. Poland is ready to start test pumping of the Caspian oil to Western Europe using the Druzhba southern line.