Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Melnyk chaired a session of the Government committee for development of agroindustrial complex and nature management, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Government’s Resolution on amendments to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on importing into Ukraine and exporting of ozone-destructive substances has been endorsed during the session.

The above-mentioned resolution concerns the priority spheres of adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the legislation of the European Union. The adopted Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers regulates the use of ozone-destructive substances to which, in particular, belongs methyl bromide. The use of poisonous substances which deplete the ozone layer is regulated in Ukraine by the Montreal Protocol. The Montreal Protocol is an international Treaty signed by 189 countries worldwide.

The Resolution aims mainly at creating conditions for final transfer of native enterprises to the use of ozone-safe technology and methyl bromide substitutes. Implementation of the resolution will provide intensification of state control over the use of poisonous substances in compliance with the international legislative acts. The Government’s Resolution is one of the key factors for harmonizing the Ukrainian legislation with the EU normative acts in the sphere of the use of ozone-destructive substances.