U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor is disappointed with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to unilaterally denunciate the production sharing agreement with a US oil company Vanco.

This is said in the statement of the Ambassador, transferred to UNIAN by the U.S. Embassy’s press-office.

The statement reads that the Ambassador is very disappointed with today’s steps of the Cabinet of Ministers, which unilaterally denunciated the production sharing agreement between the government of Ukraine and US company Vanco. The Ambassador believes that, to attract investors, the Ukrainian government should better clearly indicate that it respects contracts and the rule of law.

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According to W.Taylor, the U.S.Embassy believes that a direct discussion of the matter by the two parties may help remove the misunderstanding, which caused the conflict. He stressed that, despite promises, it has not happened as yet.

The Ambassador called on the Ukrainian government to revise the decision, and to return to the policy of dialog.