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"While these considerations tend to indicate that alleged crimes do not amount to crimes against humanity, the Office notes that serious human rights abuses did occur at Maidan," the Hague-based Bensouda said in a newly-released report.

Bensouda noted although the attacks on the protesters constituted an "attack directed against a civilian population" there was "limited information... to support a conclusion that... it was either widespread or systematic." Crime against humanity -- one of the world's most serious and investigated by the Hague-based ICC -- had to conform to these criteria, Bensouda said.

Read alsoActivists post video, track movement of accused Berkut fighter during Maidan stand-offShe noted the ICC's preliminary probe elsewhere in the country also continued, including in Crimea and the war-ravaged east, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces had been fighting against the pro-Moscow separatists.

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Bensouda also added she was "closely following the progress and findings" of investigations into the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine last year.

Ukraine is not a state party to the ICC's founding Rome Statute, but its parliament has accepted the court's jurisdiction to probe crimes committed on its territory from November 2013 onwards.