SBU detained a Russian resident spy, recruiter of Ukrainian law enforcers /

The Ukrainian national was recruited in May, 2015, by the Russian FSB operative who was operating under the guise of an officer of the self-styled "Interior Ministry" of the DPR  [Donetsk People’s Republic] terrorist organization.

The main objective of the newly recruited asset was to create legal cover for the members of subversive groups in one of the non-governmental organizations, and also create an intelligence network among the Ukrainians law enforcement officials.

Read alsoInterior Ministry: 250 "DPR" and "LPR" militants detained in 2015To finance the illegal activities, the resident spy was to create a number of commercial firms.

The SBU launched criminal proceedings under Part 1 Acticle 258-3 (establishing of or participation in a terrorist group) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.