As of the 27th of July, 13.7 mln tonnes of grain were milled in Ukraine. Spring grains and legumes are mowed down on 5.56 mln ha area (46% from the forecast), threshed on 4.27 mln ha area. The average yield is 2.6 tonnes per hectare, informed Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, according to APK-Inform.

Wheat is mowed down on 3.02 mln ha area, or 54% from the forecast, and threshed on 2.88 mln ha. Grain harvest totals 7.95 mln tonnes, average yield - 2.76 tonnes per hectare.

Barley is mowed down on 2.25 mln ha area (42%), threshed on 2.12 mln ha, milled on 5.13 mln ha. Yield is 2.42 tonnes per hectare.

Peas is harvested on 234.000 ha area (69%), threshed on 205.000 ha, milled on 454.000 ha, average yield totals 2.22 tonnes per hectare.

Rape is mowed down on 221.000 ha area (53%), threshed on 216.000 ha. This crop harvest totals 37.000 tonnes with the average yield at 1.71 tonnes per hectare.

In Ukraine preparation of soil for winter crops sowing (for harvest 2007) continues. To date 3.28 mln ha have been prepared (44% from the forecast).