The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine carefully follows the discussions in the EU around the concept of the `Eastern partnership`. According to the Ukrainian MFA statement, the launch of this initiative is a clear evidence of the need for the EU to develop an effective eastern dimension of its foreign policy.

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Ukraine welcomes efforts to search for a new framework of relations between the European Union and other European countries, which would correspond to the real level of their relationship and take into account the strategic vision by those countries of their eventual objective of integration in the EU. The success of these efforts will depend upon the EU ability to maintain a regular and close dialogue with the partner countries, including Ukraine, in the context of further development of the concept of `Eastern partnership` according to the principle of joint ownership.

"We believe that the initiative of the `Eastern partnership` should envisage a clear EU membership perspective to those European neighbours of the EU who can demonstrate seriousness of their European ambitions through concrete actions and tangible achievements", reads the statement of the Ukraine`s MFA.

The initiatives currently under discussion within the EU should also envisage additional measures and adequate instruments which would considerably strengthen existing bilateral frames of cooperation and facilitate Ukraine`s progress toward integration in the EU.