In 2008, Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine forecasts the total grain yield at the level of 40 mln tonnes, according to the report of Michael Melnik, Deputy Director of Agrarian Market Development Department of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, at the conference "Grain Forum 2008", according to APK-Inform.

At that, he noted that requirements of the local Ukrainian market in milling grain is estimated by the Ministry at the level of 13.5 mln tonnes (including wheat - 8 mln tonnes), feed grain - 14.3 mln tonnes.

Talking about carry-over stocks, M. Melnik reported that as for May 1, 2008 the stocks totaled 8.99 mln tonnes, up 49% as compared to the same data of 2007. By the beginning of July, the Ministry forecasts the carry-over stocks in Ukraine at the level of 5.782 mln tonnes, including milling wheat -2.859 mln tonnes.

Therefore, next season, the total offer of grain on the market will be at the level of 46 mln tonnes, noted he.

These volumes were the main reason for canceling grain export restrictions, underlined M. Melnik.

At that, the Ministry considers that canceling grain export restrictions was late, noted he.