"The emergence of the video miraculously coincided with the shooting down of a Russian Air Force bomber by the Turks after it violated Turkish airspace. There is no mention of this fact in the video. It does, however, conclude with the slogan "Glory to the Turkish Air Force! Death to the enemies," as reported by People's Project military and civil crowdfunding.

The video has been picked up by CNN TURK. A dozen Turkish news websites have followed suit, loading it to their homepages.

"The video shows the Turkish Air Force in action: in training and combat tasks. The visuals are accompanied by music based on Hucum Marsı – a modern rendering of a well-known Ottoman military march," the report says.

The video has been massively reposted over the last 24 hours.

On The People's Project YouTube channel, there is a large number of comments from Turkish, Ukrainian, and even Kazakh users for this video. Many Turks have commented the video strengthens the friendship between Ukraine and Turkey.